Antonio Schiavano

"Music is infinite and continuous. Like a desert it offers space to be filled with creativity. A place to explore emotions"

At the age of 12 Toni Schiavano was inspired by his uncle to discover his fascination for music and the electric bass. He is about to graduate from the Jazz School Lucerne, Switzerland. With his soulful and distinct bass lines he has become a much sought after bass player, working with groups like GMF (Grand Mother's Funck), Godessa, Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Signorino TJ, Ainsley Burrows, 2 For Soul and Brothertunes - to only name a few. In his latest project "Tonee" he is showing his diverse and sensitive talents not only as a performer but also as a composer. His unique feeling for rhythm and his love for Brazilian music deeply influence his playing.

A sensitive bass player with a strong presence.