Sandro Schneebeli

"Music is a deep form of communication. In the same way it moves me, I would like to be moving others with my music."

Sandro Schneebeli was born in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Already during his studies at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern he was earning his living as a popular guitar player, composer and producer. The creative virtuoso is internationally sought afterand has performed at numerous Jazz festivals around the globe including the U.S.. He has worked with Giora Feidmann, Rupak Kulkami, Kalinath Mishra, John Boutté, Sandy Patton and Stefan Rigert, among many others. Critics from all over the world continue to be fascinated with his pure style and musicality. The latest output of his production company "NEVEmusic" has just been released: Sandro Schneebeli's "Hammond Trio".

A highly gifted guitar player, enthusiastic and inspiring.