Piano, Songwriting, Arrangements, Producing
Andreas Michel

"To me, being a musician is being an artist and a craftsman at the same time. In music, I can express feelings and moods that would otherwise stay underneath the surface."

Originally a classically trained pianist, Andreas Michel completed his studies at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and at the Jazz School in Basel. Since 1988 he has played more than 600 live shows in the styles of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin, Pop and Fusion, e.g. at the Montreux Jazz Festival and many other major festivals. He has been on tour all around Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, U.K., Austria and Italy), has shared the stage with James Brown, Maceo Parker, Candy Dulfer, Jovanotti, etc... and has appeared on Swiss national television several times.

Since its foundation in 1993 GMF (Grand Mother's Funck) has been one of his most important live projects. With GMF he has recorded and released 8 albums. He was musical director and arranger for GMF for many years and has produced the two latest albums "Secrets in Sonic Space" & "Beat Mondial". More recently he has been writing songs and doing production work for several other Swiss artists.

Andreas has only gradually developed into being a songwriter and producer: "I've always had the desire to invent music and not just to interpret it - even as a child. But it took me a long time to actually dare to write a pop song. This is such an intimate and vulnerable yet rich and rewarding form of music. Its simplicity is the real challenge."

In his compositions and in his playing there is longing and melancholy but this always comes with an unbreakable will for reconciliation. It is the search for a spiritual and emotional home that influences his music.

A highly sensitive and intelligent musician – intense and profound.