Beat von Wattenwyl

„Music is the force in my life that gives me the energy to move ahead.“

At the age of 20 Beat von Wattenwyl discovers his passion for percussion. Befor he had been trained in playing piano and violin. Being fascinated by afrocuban rhythms and percussion, he spent many years in cuba attending the national school of music and studying with virtuosos like Tomas „Panga“ Ortiz, Roman Diaz and Justo Pelladito. He has performed live more than 400 times with varous projects such as Ceasar Correa, Juan Munguia, Cuban Power, Polo Hofer, etc and has been cofounder of many latin bands. Currently he’s also the director of the Latin Master Classes at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern.

A truly groovy percussionist with a warm heart and a lively sense of humour.